Silicone Pipe With Glass Mouthpiece and Lid

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The Silicone Pipe With Glass Mouthpiece and Lid is the perfect pipe. It has a removable metal bowl as well as removable glass mouthpiece for super easy cleaning. It also comes with a silicone lid so you can pack a bowl and travel without fear of spilling your herb/tobacco. It's a great size and can easily fit in your pocket. Germaphobes will love that it comes with multiple mouthpieces so you can have a personal mouthpiece that one uses but you.



7 colors: Black/Yellow, Blue/White, Orange/Green, Black/Red, Blue, Red, and Black.

Removable metal bowl.
Removable glass mouthpiece.
Removable silicone lid.
Dishwasher safe.
Comes with screens and extra mouthpieces.



Made from silicone, glass and metal.