55mm Mega Crusher Grinder

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The Mega Crusher is here! With more holes and teeth than any leading grinder on the market no strain of weed, herb, or tobacco can withstand this grinders crushing power. The extra side divots give you a level of grip that normal grinders can't compete with. This grinder is for the smoker who smokes the freshest and stickiest herb around. Your weed won't be getting stuck in the Mega Crusher!



4 colors: Black, Blue, Silver, and Dark Grey

54 multi sided sharp diamond cut teeth in offset design for maximum grinding.

Super strong neodymium magnetic lid connection to keep the lid secure.

Machined divots for maintaining maximum grip.

Multi chamber including storage chamber and steel filter chamber for pollen collection.



Made from anodized zinc alloy. Extremely durable and long lasting.



55mm x 45mm