The Trap Door Grinder

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The Trap Door Grinder is one awesome grinder. It features some of the newest grinder technology on the market. This is a big grinder standing at 2.5 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Not only does it come with a buttery smooth poly ring for effortless grinding action, it has a special magnetic side door. After you're done grinding there is no need to take off the top. Just open the trap door and pour out your ground up herb. This grinder tends to be for people who like to keep their fingers clean and off of their herbs.



54 razor sharp diamond cut teeth in an offset design.

4 tablespoon grinding capacity.

Side chamber trap door to pour out your herb.

Super strong neodymium magnetic lid connection as well as side chamber connection.

Poly ring for effortless grinding action.

Textured lid for maximum grip.

Multi chamber including storage chamber and stainless steel filter chamber for pollen collection.



Made from zinc alloy.



63.5mm x 50mm